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Wall Murals & Graphics

Wall murals and graphics are a great way to decorate your interior and exterior walls, highlight your messaging, and reinforce your brand’s image.

A wall mural or graphic can display your company mission and history, or welcome your patients and clients into your reception and waiting areas.

Wall graphics can also used to create attention grabbing displays for your business, inspirational images for your school, or motivational messages for your fitness center.

3D Textured Wallpaper

Uno Digital’s 3D textured wallpaper is the newest and most exciting form of wall graphics. 

This technology does exactly what its name implies – it creates 3D digitally printed wallpaper and wall murals with unique embossing. 

The structure and motif of your 3D wallpaper can either be perfectly matched or completely different than the picture itself – it all depends on the designer’s creativity. 

3D textured wallpaper will transform your corporate office, retail store, hospital, gallery, museum or just about any surface into a spectacular attention-grabbing, crowd gathering unique wall display.

The uses for this unique 3D wallpaper are limited only by your imagination!  

And if 3D isn’t your style, Uno Digital can also supply you with conventional wallpaper and vinyl wall graphics for murals and exhibition displays.

3D Wallpaper is available in:

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