Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Collaborative Design and Planning

We can collaboratively plan with your own design team. Our team of graphic designers are equipped to translate your art files to production ready files. We are extremely proud of our colour management capabilities to ensure your brand colours are consistent across all assets.
The thought process around our designs are centred on your objectives and goals.
Connect with us to get started designing your next project.

Interior and Exterior Graphics

We are experts in producing various interior and exterior signs. We cab do cut vinyl decals, posters, fence banners, hanging banners and all other prints/signs you require for a specific environment.
We have been doing these types of graphics for close to a couple of decades now and we know the best materials and application.
Connect with us to discover all of the possibilities available to you.

Billboards and Outdoor Signs

These are the most complex of projects and requires a full service shop and an experienced team. Structural integrity of frames, the right material to weather externalities, dealing with acquisition of city permits and ensuring the signs adhere to specific city by-laws are all crucial parts of an outdoor sign project.
We provide services for every step of these projects. From design/ planning, application of required permits, fabrication, installation and inspection. We also get our drawing plans signed off by structural engineers to guarantee that they are sound and will get the thumbs up from inspectors.
Connect with us to get the process started.

Architectural/Dimensional Signs

Architectural signs are all about functionality as well as aesthetics. These are permanent signs that speak to your customers and should be unique and truly your own; at the same time they need to be highly functional.
We can create design drawings for your signs, manufacture and install them. We also have a portfolio of sample designs to choose or draw inspirations from.
Dimensional signs are another way to make your messaging stand out, they are also cost efficient and add a layer of visual interest to your signs. There are several materials and execution approaches that can be done to add novelty and differentiation.
Connect with us or better yet, visit us at our shop and we’d be happy to show you same sample ideas.

Soft Signage

Possibilities are endless for creating unique branding pieces with fabric materials. They are environmentally friendly and have various applications such as stretched fabric frames, canvas frames, custom printed window blinds and curtains, fabric banners and even custom printed upholstery.
Connect with us to find out more about the variety of materials available and limitless applications of textile signage.

Wall Murals and Hoarding Graphics

Liven up permanent walls with mural graphics that turn them into focal points of the room. Various materials that feature different sheen and texture help turn these walls into works for art.
Temporary hoarding require cost efficient materials and speed in printing and installation. They are short-term so you don’t want it to break the bank but they’re intended to create excitement and anticipation so they need to look good. This is one of our core products, we design, produce and install hundreds of hoarding graphics a year.
Connect with us for a quick quote.

Custom Hardware Fabrication

We can custom-make hardware from various materials (metal, wood and plastic) specific to your needs. We design the hardware to ensure its stability and structural integrity – we then fabricate them using the best materials for its application.
Some samples of hardware we fabricate are poster stands, banner and billboard frames, extrusions, light boxes, trade show materials and everything else in between.
So if you want to be different and not have your signs look like the rest of the world, connect with us for a consultation.

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Specialty Graphics

Do your graphic imaging ideas involve a special material, a different application or just downright unique? We are the right team for the job. We love love speciality graphics!
We design, fabricate and install these cool and new imaging ideas so you can be assured that we will execute according to your creative vision.
Connect with us so we can bounce around ideas with you or just ask us for some inspiration.